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Mexico: Pemex Eni-meeting, from December are scheduled to commence drilling activities

The managing director of the state company Pemex Mexican José Antonio González Anaya met yesterday in Mexico City her equal role of Eni Claudio Descalzi [...]

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Precious Metals and Equities moving alongside

Precious metals are again attracting a lot of attention with Gold and Silver futures long positioning reaching the highest level since according to CFTC data [...]

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Oil, fails the super summit in Doha

The marathon negotiations in Doha is of no effect the agreement to freeze the production of oil has not been reached After a long standoff [...]

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Russia and Saudi Arabia, plan for oil production

Russia and Saudi Arabia have reached a consensus on the plan to freeze the oil production even leaving aside the Iran Participation This was stated [...]

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Wells Fargo energy investment unit faces losses

Well Fargo was one the shareholders of Cubic Energy Inc which bankruptcy plan took effect on March  the Dallas-based oil and gas company wiped out The bank had a [...]

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Commodities Up Sharply in Q1. Can Trend Continue?

There was great debate about whether commodity prices have peaked for now or there is more room to run to the topside they said Solid [...]

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Gold is a Win/Win

World’s largest asset manager Blackrock warned about prices picking up due to “stabilizing oil prices and a tighter labor market… “ They recommend protecting against inflation [...]

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Gold ready to bounce back. Oil consolidating (technical analysis)

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Brussels under terrorist attack: equities drop and gold higher 

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Metals to perform on weaker USD and rising rates

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Semptember 2015
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    Volume At Price (VAP) is an extremely useful, easy to use visual tool that confirms other visual ind

  • 31

    Nell’ambito della strategia d’investimento di un istituto di previdenza, gli investimenti immobi

  • 31

    L’attività di lotta al riciclaggio, ovvero l’attività "classica" di prevenzione dei rischi da

  • 01

    Sustainability = Smart Investing

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    Luncheon presentation by Hedge Invest (Suisse)

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