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Apple shares slide after Mizuho downgrade

Apple shares fell more than percent Monday falling for a second-straight day due to mounting concerns about unsustainably high stock prices The iPhone maker's stock [...]

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Wall Street can't sleep, bloody nightmare is near

David Stockman's prophecy over Wall Street seems to announce an Annus Horribilis This is one of the most dangerous market environments we've ever been in [...]

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US: The House to abolish Wall Street rules

House Republicans voted Thursday to deliver on their promise to repeal Dodd-Frank — the massive set of Wall Street regulations President Barack Obama signed into [...]

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Swiss company opened the first commercial carbon-capture plant in the world

The world's first commercial plant for capturing carbon dioxide directly from the air opened on May th refueling a debate about whether the technology can [...]

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Ellen MacArthur Gives Her Explanation of Circular Economy for Investors and Agri-Food Industry in Particular

Picking Alpha interview with Dame Ellen MacArthur Founder Ellen MacArthur Foundation  This interview was taken at the th Annual Forum For Agriculture in Brussels Belgium  FFA organized [...]

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OPEC: cut or not to cut, hamletic doubt in Vienna's meeting

OPEC is meeting in Vienna to discuss rolling over its six-month deal with other exporters to remove million barrels a day from the oil market [...]

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Electric car could be cheaper by 2030, bad news for gas-powered one

Between now and battery production all over the world will more than double Bloomberg reports With more companies getting into the game expansion and competition [...]

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Swiss voters to ban on new nuclear plants

On Sunday Swiss voted on whether to support the federal government’s plan to overhaul Switzerland’s energy system The plan was accepted by of voters with [...]

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Oil at $50

The Saudi strategy of not reducing production in so as not to lose market share and at the same time knock American shale producers out [...]

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Price declines clever traded

After a situation was illuminated in part of the series TRADERS' in which the price was outside the Bollinger bands the second part TRADERS' in [...]

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Semptember 2015
  • 25

    The Lugano International Fiscal Forum (LIFF) is the most important event dedicated to opportunities

  • 26

    Die 360°-Sicht: Alle Player im Versicherungsmarkt diskutieren die Zukunftsthemen – vielschichtig,

  • 27

    Survival in a digital future. In 4 different blocks, national and international speakers talk about

  • 27

    Join the European FinTech Awards & Conference and witness the pitch battle of Europe’s leading Fin

  • 28

    At some point almost all companies face situations when strategic M&A decisions need to be made. Som

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