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Misreading the markets: the puzzling actions of central banks

During the last few months some central banks have done things which I applaud while others have done things which I find both incomprehensible and [...]

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Switzerland: The new 10-franc-banknote depicts swiss talent

The Swiss National Bank on Wednesday revealed the country’s new ten franc note which will go into circulation on October th The latest in the [...]

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Inflation is dead, long live inflation

It may be that nominally independent central banks are not really as independent as they seem [...]

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ECB: eurozone banks are mostly ready after stress test

Most big eurozone banks are well braced for possible future interest rate rises the European Central Bank said Monday after running dozens of them through [...]

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Crash or No Crash, again

The US stock markets have been hitting new highs recently with the result that it seems as if there is hardly any risk involved in [...]

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SNB forex currencies hit another record

The Swiss National Bank’s holdings of foreign currency touched a record billion francs billion in September an increase of percent from August The franc slipped [...]

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Swiss economy thanks for sporting events

Switzerland's KOF Economic Institute downgraded its growth projection for this year because of weak performance in the first half In the Autumn Economic Forecast released [...]

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UK car sales down 9.3% in September

Car sales in the UK were down per cent in September The figures that have just been released are worse than the situation in the [...]

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Supercharged: the car industry in a post-oil world

Nobody knows for certain what cars will look like in but we can make some sensible guesses based on the research and development that companies [...]

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New cars and hotels helped UBS consumption indicator in August

Switzerland's consumption improved in August thanks to robust new car registrations and encouraging numbers of hotel stays data from the UBS investment bank showed Wednesday [...]

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Semptember 2015
  • 19

    MGF Fall Edition is Presenting twelve High Growth companies both public and private i

  • 19

    "Investire nel mattone" è probabilmente una delle scelte meno rischiose. La casa è un bene rifugio

  • 24

    Two years after two historic global agreements were established, leaders and other change agents in

  • 25

    Im September haben die Schweizer Stimmbürger die „Altersreform 2020“ des Bundesrates abgelehnt.

  • 30

    The 2017 symposium, with the theme "Successfully crossing borders", will have a strong focus on the

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