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Can Advanced Nations Return to Rapid Growth and the World Avoid A New Global Financial Crisis? (Prof. D. Salvatore)

After nearly seven years from the end of the deepest global financial crisis of the postwar period growth continues to be slow in advanced countries [...]

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Tourism improved Swiss UBS Consumption indicator for October

The Swiss UBS consumption index rose slightly to for October from a downwardly-revised previously which was originally reported as The sizeable downward revision will cause [...]

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The bond rout (by W. Snyder)

This Newsletter has reiterated that bonds are not an asset class that should be in one s portfolio unless they are safe short-term high-yield corporate [...]

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UK economy feels first effects of Brexit vote

The full impact of the Brexit vote becomes to be announced as the Chancellor revealed that output will shrink while borrowing increases Phillip Hammond quoted [...]

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Yellen: FED could raise interest rates "relatively soon"

The Federal Reserve could raise U S interest rates relatively soon if economic data keeps pointing to an improving labor market and rising inflation Fed [...]

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SNB is ready to curb strong franc

The Swiss National Bank is ready to take policy measures as and when they are necessary to keep the country's inflation and economy on track [...]

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Swiss Investor Confidence rose again, hit 5-month high

Business confidence in Switzerland registered its highest gain in five months while economic sentiment for a third consecutive month in November on expectations that the [...]

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China's industrial production up, retails under expectations

Chinese industrial production grew less than expect last month falling behind market forecasts and raising questions about the strength of recovery in the world's second [...]

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Swiss National Bank: new agreement to pay Confederation

The Swiss National Bank will continue annual payments of billion Swiss francs billion to Switzerland's cantons and the federal government according to a new -year [...]

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Swiss government stopped "sovereign money" project

The Swiss government rejected a popular initiative that would transform the monetary system and end fractional-reserve banking according to its dispatch to Parliament on Wednesday [...]

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Semptember 2015
  • 18

    Pharus presenta la propria strategia per il 2017

  • 18

    After a tumultuous 2016 in which we saw a controversial US election, rallying US markets, the Brexit

  • 19

    Gli eventi del 2016 hanno spiazzato le aspettative. La vittoria di Trump alle elezioni presidenzial

  • 20

    A Full Day Conference - Blockchain & Banks brings you the Best of Cryptovalley! Monetas, Xapo, Akasa

  • 24

    The constant and fast growth of impact investing during the last few years shows the economic signif

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