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UBS is warning clients over Bitcoin's bubble

UBS thinks cryptocurrencies are in a speculative bubble There are over cryptocurrencies bitcoin being the biggest by market capitalization and many have seen huge rises [...]

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Winterthur bars introduce secret code system to help women in the night

Winterthur is introducing a new code to help tackle sexual harassment reported The Local Anyone who feels unsafe or uncomfortable on a night out due [...]

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The Raj Pink, the World's largest Pink Diamond, will be the Top Player on Geneve

Sotheby’s will be presenting †The Raj Pink’ the world’s largest known Fancy Intense Pink diamond weighing carats It will headline the auction house’s Magnificent [...]

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Luxury tax becomes a hot topic for Macron

Following a couple of weeks of public uproar after the French government said it was going to scrap a wealth tax that applies to personal [...]

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Swiss rate of guns is high, mass shooting is rare

Switzerland has the highest gun ownership rates per capita among its neighbors and other Western countries but mass shootings are rare local media reported Thursday [...]

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Swiss companies: highest salaries for CEOs in Europe

The chief executive officers of Switzerland’s top firms take home almost double the median salaries of Europe’s biggest companies according to a study by consultants [...]

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UBS France : La Maison de Gestion is the house for wealth management

UBS France's new billion euros wealth management division La Maison de Gestion is looking at hiring new staff to grow the business the company said [...]

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World Stress Ranking: Stuttgart the most peaceful city, Bern in the Top Ten

If peace of mind means strolling home past trees and flowers a fat bank balance at your disposal and with a secure job to head [...]

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Why moving to Switzerland? For the biggest salary, of course

Expatriates moving to Switzerland home to some of the biggest private banks commodity traders and pharmaceuticals companies earn an average of more than That’s the [...]

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Where the wealth is booming in the world

The number of millionaires in the world rose by nearly percent last year to an all-time high of around million people with record total wealth [...]

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Semptember 2015
  • 19

    MGF Fall Edition is Presenting twelve High Growth companies both public and private i

  • 19

    "Investire nel mattone" è probabilmente una delle scelte meno rischiose. La casa è un bene rifugio

  • 24

    Two years after two historic global agreements were established, leaders and other change agents in

  • 25

    Im September haben die Schweizer Stimmbürger die „Altersreform 2020“ des Bundesrates abgelehnt.

  • 30

    The 2017 symposium, with the theme "Successfully crossing borders", will have a strong focus on the

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