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Swedish welfare under pressure from immigration question

Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson has admitted Sweden has “major problems” as a result of the population growth brought on by mass immigration Earlier this week [...]

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UK research says bankers unhappy for bonus

Bankers in junior positions in the City of London who work for British-headquartered banks picked up bonuses of just a quarter of what those working [...]

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Google adds fat check label to fight fake news

Google has launched a new feature on Search and News which shows a Fact Check label for certain links indicating whether a third-party fact-checking organization [...]

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Zurich changes social assistance for Permit F holders

Foreign nationals temporarily admitted in Switzerland F permit holders will no longer receive social assistance in the Canton of Zurich in the next future but [...]

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In one day Bezos came close to the world's richest man

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has become the world’s second-richest man adding billion to his fortune after Amazon gained billion in market value during trading on [...]

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Switzerland is working for new ISO standard

Switzerland has started the countdown to a mass-market switch to the ISO standard for payments harmonisation across all consumer corporate and bank payments The digital [...]

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Big Disasters, Big Costs: The bill doubled in 2016

Total economic losses from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters amounted to billion in almost twice the billion seen in the latest sigma study from the [...]

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With German passport you can go everywhere

German citizens still possess the world's most powerful passport according to new research the th annual edition of the Henley Partners Visa Restrictions Index which [...]

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Fifth Switzerland prefers to talk with PostFinance

The Swiss who live abroad will not denounce Postfinance that does not grant them the right to have a credit card At the meeting in Bern [...]

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UBS to introduce charges for accounts over €1 mln

UBS the world’s biggest wealth manager will impose a penalty charge on customers who park euros with the bank a reaction to the negative interest [...]

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Semptember 2015
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    Seize the opportunity to get up to date on the topics of secondary buyouts, the real estate bubble,

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    The aim of this forum is to offer an additional incentive for pension fund representatives to visit

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    The aim of this forum is to offer an additional incentive for pension fund representatives to visit

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    The attendance fee is CHF 250 and includes lunch, refreshments, and cocktails. University students a

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