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B(efore) C(hrist): Technical Analysis

Kirkpatrick and Dahlquist in their book about Technical Analysis published in hypothesized that technical analysis is considered historically native from Japan because is there that [...]

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UBS and Art Basel, together for benchmark-art

Art Basel has announced it will produce a new report on the annual art market in collaboration with UBS The author will be Clare McAndrew [...]

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Lovink: the monetary system will change with an earthquake

In an interview with the Italian newspaper Repubblica Geert Lovink a critic of the Dutch media expressed some thoughts about the future of digital money [...]

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Rothschild and Martin Maurel: merger ahead

Rothschild and Compagnie Financiere Martin Maurel have announced their intention to merge that decision would give rise to a private bank with assets under management [...]

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OPEC: Vienna Summit didn't lead to any conclusion

OPEC fails to take any decision regarding the production despite the efforts of Saudi Arabia's accession to merge towards a freeze of the production ceiling [...]

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Only five redundancies at Greubel Forsey in final

The manufacturer of luxury watches Greubel Forsey for the first time in its history is forced to lay off but the deleted jobs are only [...]

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Uber: Saudi Arabia strongly believes in the Californian app

The Saudi Arabia sovereign fund invested billion in Uber bringing in billion for the investment reserves of the American app now owning of Uber This is [...]

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Locked rates don't push the request mortgages in America

Requests for loans from American families return to fall despite the Fed's decision to freeze rates In the week ending May the index that measures [...]

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Australia is auctioning maxi amount of Bitcoins

Australia has put on sale about million in Bitcoin confiscated by the Australian authorities It is pieces seized from a drug dealer who was arrested [...]

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EU Parliament votes more control over virtual currency

The European Commission could create a task force to regulate virtual currencies like Bitcoin in order to avert the use in money laundering or terrorist [...]

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Semptember 2015
  • 30

    Volume At Price (VAP) is an extremely useful, easy to use visual tool that confirms other visual ind

  • 31

    Nell’ambito della strategia d’investimento di un istituto di previdenza, gli investimenti immobi

  • 31

    L’attività di lotta al riciclaggio, ovvero l’attività "classica" di prevenzione dei rischi da

  • 01

    Sustainability = Smart Investing

  • 07

    Luncheon presentation by Hedge Invest (Suisse)

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