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Aberdeen Asset Management is an independent management company listed on the London stock exchange since 1991.
Founded in Aberdeen, Scotland by Martin Gilbert, currently the group's CEO, it now numbers 39 offices in 26 different countries with more than 2.700 employees. Aberdeen Group has become Great Britain’s most important listed independent operator, with CHF 392.9 billion AuM as of 30/09/2016.

As a pure asset manager without the distractions of other financial services activities, we are free to focus all our resources on our core expertise. Investment strategies are only managed for third parties – with our own balance sheet only ever being used to seed fund launches – allowing us to put client interests first.
By managing our business to the same standards we demand in the companies in which we invest, we ensure the interests of our clients and of our shareholders are completely aligned.

Full range of clients served

We are a full-service, global asset manager serving institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, treasuries, banks, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and foundations.
In the wealth management and adviser space, we serve banks, discretionary fund managers and registered advisers.
Within the private investor sector, our clients include high net worth individuals, mass affluent and retail clients served mainly through professional intermediaries.
We also have extensive experience of working with global investment consultants, including the main UK and US firms.


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Embracing change, building resilience

In we have experienced a bull market in global equities resulting in new highs for many indices while levels of volatility remain low by historical [...]

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TSMC: the biggest name you’ve never heard of?

When Morris Chang set up Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co TSMC back in it was only two years after Microsoft had started shipping copies of its [...]

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Reinsuring Catastrophes

The hurricane season in the Atlantic and other natural disasters serve as a sobering reminder of the devastation that can be wrought by severe weather [...]

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You didn’t think European political risk was over, did you?

Markets have largely shrugged off events in Catalonia They are probably correct to do so After all Catalonia is unlikely to become independent at least [...]

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Tense times ahead for Mexico

The Mexican economy has essentially been a two-part tale lately oil and services The oil sector has been reformed for the better during President Pena [...]

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Should equity markets fear ‘QE exit’?

Central banks are moving towards the QE exit’ The US Federal Reserve the Fed this month began reducing the total size of its asset [...]

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Semptember 2015
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    Jointly with renowned experts, SSF will debate key success factors for fruitful partnerships attract

  • 17

    Learn about the latest Cryto Currency and Blockchain investment opportunities, the features that set

  • 18

    At the upcoming conference you will get the opportunity to discuss Social Impact Bonds (SIB) and rel

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    The climate transition creates opportunities and risks, and financial institutions and corporations

  • 30

    Over 150 Fintechs CEOs from all over the world will be in both panels & interviews and on this stage

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