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The Swiss Association of Market Technicians (SAMT) is a non-profit organization of market analysis professionals founded in 1987 in Switzerland and member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). 

SAMT encourages the development of Technical Analysis and the education of the financial community in the uses and applications of technical research and its value in the formulation of investment and trading decisions.

Technical Analysis is the study of prices and markets. It examines price behavior on an empirical, quantitative and statistical basis. It extends to the study of all published information on price trends, volatility, momentum, cycles and the interrelationship of prices, volume, breadth, sentiment and liquidity. A comprehensive understanding of Technical Analysis requires a knowledge of statistics and pattern recognition, quantitative techniques, algorithmic trading systems, academic studies related to testing procedures and objectives, behavioural finance, investment psychology and a familiarity with financial history and cycles.
Whether you are a professional or novice investor, you will find a wealth of valuable information within our activities to assist you in optimizing your investments.


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Is a Flattening Yield Curve Really Dangerous?

Did you know that one of the most popular keywords in the Google searches last month was “yield curve flattening” There is a lot of [...]

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Gold could bounce late December, but should remain under pressure until late Q1 2018

Gold has taken a bit of a dive over the last few weeks and more generally since September In our view it is suffering from [...]

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Beware This Rotation

Call it profit taking call it sectors rotation the sudden increase in volatility that hit Wall Street just at the dawn of the last month [...]

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SNB, Vix and new patterns

This Monday I was at Lantern Fund Forum of Lugano and the main speaker was John Mauldin One of his main reflections was on how [...]

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Crude Rises, Oil Shares Drop. A Norwegian Trick

A couple of months ago I had analyzed the bullish pattern that was developing on Crude Oil when the WTI had exceeded the days moving [...]

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Dollar/Yen is currently consolidating. It should soon accelerate up again towards 2018

From its lows early September the Dollar Yen has followed risk assets and interest rates up in their rebounds This positive momentum was further supported [...]

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Semptember 2015
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    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is a series of blockchain events held in Russia, Ukraine, Netherland

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    The Lead Quantitative & Asset Management Event in Europe

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    Das Swiss Funds & Asset Management Forum ist die national führende Konferenz der Fonds- und Asset M

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    Seize the opportunity to get up to date on the topics of secondary buyouts, the real estate bubble,

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    The aim of this forum is to offer an additional incentive for pension fund representatives to visit

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