No Crash?

October has come and gone and the market rally goes on and on Numerous observers and pundits have warned of a crash or strong correction [...]

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Trick or Treat

There has been no crash or even a correction so far in October Halloween will be on the last day in October the st So [...]

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O Inflation, Inflation, wherefore art thou Inflation?

In a recent briefing Janet Yellen seems to have declared that she was surprised that inflation has been so low Official statistics put inflation at [...]

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Reality Check

The Fed seems not to understand why there is so little inflation with the economy doing so well that a rate rise in December is [...]

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The success of RAIFs, Casa4funds explains its next goals

The new developments in the pipeline for Casa Funds [...]

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Crash or No Crash, again

The US stock markets have been hitting new highs recently with the result that it seems as if there is hardly any risk involved in [...]

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Electric Cars

Tesla has been one of the greatest cash burners in history The stock price is based on the assumption that electric motors in cars will [...]

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Technology meets Finance. Introducing the new OpenFunds App

OpenFunds launches its new App in the Apple and Google stores The OpenFunds App is a very user-friendly tool on mobile access You can find [...]

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Business internationalization and fiscal optimization, in the view of last International Fiscal Forum

Finlantern’s Fiscal Forum at its fourth edition once again created an environment where enterpreneurs and investors were able to meet new potential clients and in [...]

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Venezuela and the Outlook for Oil

The last Newsletter ended with a suggestion that US marines might soon be setting foot in Venezuela The fact is that America has been spending [...]

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Semptember 2015
  • 20

    Seize the opportunity to get up to date on the topics of secondary buyouts, the real estate bubble,

  • 15

    The aim of this forum is to offer an additional incentive for pension fund representatives to visit

  • 06

    The aim of this forum is to offer an additional incentive for pension fund representatives to visit

  • 04

    The attendance fee is CHF 250 and includes lunch, refreshments, and cocktails. University students a

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