Financial Markets: 10 surprises for 2016

Not only China and oil price. 10 risks that coul increase pressing on the stock markets in 2016

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Future of Banks: how FinTech could disrupt ratings

Technology is shaking the pillars of traditional banking. A new type of competition is emerging from FinTech

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DBRS rates European Union at triple A with stable outlook

DBRS rating confirmed the European Union rating at AAA with a stable outlook. The Eu's conservative budgetary management and the institution's preferred creditor status are two of the factors benefiting European rating. DBRS mantains a low short term risk view also if it warns that ratings could be lowered in case of a deterioration in the credit rating of the Eu's core member states and their committment to supporto the European Union.

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Switzerland: distribution of foreign collective investment schemes to qualified investors (part 1)

In September 2012 the Swiss Parliament passed amendments to the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA). In February 2013 the Swiss Federal Council adopted an amendment to the Collective Investment Schemes Ordinance (CISO) that effectively completed the process of turning the revised CISA into law.

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BlackRock: Fed rate hike is good news, expected ongoing volatility

BlackRock expects a ongoing volatility, but remember that while rates are no longer at zero, they remain extremely low, and will likely remain low for some time.

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Nomura confirms appointment of Jim Leng as non-executive chairman Emea

Jim Leng appointed non-executive chairman of Nomura Europe Holdings

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Commodities: China's infrastructure decline remains the key call

It's a period of macro uncertainty (the Federal Reserve deliberations on a rate hike, the Paris Climate Change Agreements, ongoing speculation of further RMB depreciation), that weighs on commodities. But China's infrastructure decline remains the key call, in the opinion of Credit Suisse. 

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Fed: Yellen has a little choice, no interest rate hike would mean sending a negative signal

Investors are holding their breath ahead of the Fed’s decision taking place tomorrow. Fed chair Janet Yellen will deliver her verdict on the trajectory of US monetary policy after this Wednesday’s meeting.

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Spain: will post-election government keep on the reforms path?

Spain has been able to reform its economy in the last three years. Since 2012 many progresses have been made. Being one of the best-growing countries in the Eurozone is the positive consequence. But relevant problems still remain. To keep on the reforms path a sound government would be a desirable outcome from the 20th december elections.

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Renminbi inclusion in the SDR: Why does China want it to become a reserve currency?

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Semptember 2015
  • 24

    Monaco Growth Announces Investor Conference in Monaco for July 24th – 26th

  • 23

    Regulierung – seit der Finanzkrise prägt der Ruf nach mehr Kontrolle das Banking: Wegen regulator

  • 24

    Die Fonds-Konferenz der SKSF ist eine wichtige, branchenspezifische Plattform für Wissens- und Erfa

  • 02

    2 evenings to find out about the latest from the digital industry & 2 days to find ideas and to crea

  • 11

    ICDA will return this year to its alpine home for the 38th Bürgenstock Meeting.

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