Bitcoin: Swiss startup Eidoo doesn't take care of criticism

400The Eidoo ICO, which is currently unfolding, has already raised EUR 20 million (ETH 80,453) reportedly in hours across more than 10 million of the company’s EDO tokens. Those tokens can be used inside the Eidoo ecosystem, which in addition to the digital wallet extends to a decentralized blockchain-based marketplace and tools that support the use of cyrptocurencies.

Launched on October 4th, at an exchange rate of $2.30 or 130 EDO tokens per ETH, approximately 80,000 in ether was raised. Eido says this significant interest in their ICO comes as total cryptocurrency market capitalization hits $151 Billion, up from $17 Billion at the beginning of the year. The ICO remains open until October 16th.

Founded by Natale Ferrara, the project is being developed by the Switzerland-based company.

The Eidoo wallet is an evolving suite of products and services that currently includes an ICO engine enabling users to directly participate in ICOs from the app and a hybrid exchange which runs on the lightening network. The Eidoo road map also includes the launch of a Decentralized Market where users will be able to exchange generic goods and services in a decentralized and provably honest way using either an HSM or escrow system.

“The Eidoo project is dedicated to creating an effective blockchain-to-human interface that simplifies the interaction between users and blockchain-based assets without compromising the available technology. We are creating a single, easy-to-use, intuitive environment that caters for all possible cryptocurrency needs and we are delighted that thousands of people already back our vision, as expressed through the €20M in token sales we generated in the first few hours of the ICO. It’s an ambitious project, in a hugely dynamic world, but with our team of experts we will continue to evolve and improve technological efficiency, security and user experience. We’re hugely excited to bring the crypto world to the masses,” says Thomas Bertani, Eidoo CEO.

In recent weeks JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon took a swipe at bitcoin and ICOs, calling the cryptocurrency a fraud and suggesting that upcoming ICOs were worthless. Eidoo published an advertisement in the print product of WSJ.com, targeting JPMorgan’s Dimon.


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