Book Review: Building the New American Economy. Smart, fair and sustainable

Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, where he is a professor, decided to address the Government of the United States in his latest book, Building the New American Economy. Smart, fair and sustainable (Columbia University Press). Sachs offers in the agile volume his own insight on how to build a new age for the American economy that is sustainable for everyone.

Or, better, rebuild: as Sachs underlines, this word has been used much by neo-elected President Donald Trump in his inauguration speech. As Sachs points out, «Economic policy works best when it focuses simultaneously on three big issues: first, promoting economic growth and decent jobs; second, promoting social fairness […]; third, promoting environmental sustainability».

Sachs starts explaining why a new American economy is needed, and points out the necessity to take into consideration the Sustainable Goals stated by the UN. He then explains how sustainability should interact with growth and GDP, giving a clearer idea of his points with plenty of graphics and figures.

While the book is very much centered on the US, many of Sachs recommendations would work in many other developed countries and, why not, in the developing world, being based on a fairer and safer society.


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