Business internationalization and fiscal optimization, in the view of last International Fiscal Forum

400Finlantern’s Fiscal Forum, at its fourth edition, once again created an environment where enterpreneurs and investors were able to meet new potential clients, and in general create networking opportunities, but also learn the benefits of internationalization, and meet tax advisors.

Held in Lugano, Fiscal Forum took place at Hotel de la Paix with free attendance. Exhibitors were able to relate about their activity with presentations.

It is only 5 hours away by plane from half of the world’s population. Hong Kong’s role is that of bridge between Mainland China and the world, with simple tax levels for corporate, 235 % penetration of smartphones, number one in Asia, and 4.52 million tonnes of cargo handled by its airport in 2016.

These data were presented by Invest HK during Stefano De Paoli’s speech. InvestHK helps evaluate investments into Hong Kong, in order to improve its economic development. It also creates networking events and more.

The Belt and Road initiative, too, regards Hong Kong, as was explained by Italy-HK Association’s president Riccardo Fuochi. This project aims to create better connections between China and Europe, not just through infrastructures but also with a free flow of goods and services. It concerns 62% of the world population.

Family heritage easily gets lost after three or four generations. This is  which is  AIFO, Italian Association Family Officer, was created in 2006 by Patrizia Misciattelli delle Ripe as a connection point for Family Office.  Networking, advisory and training are its strong points.

It does not just support the creation of family offices, but it also offers a virtual platform. AIFO helps gaining redditivity and conserving the heritage through the years.

Another speech was related to the FATCA compliance, giving details such as deadlines. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act requires non-American financial institutions to be compliant in order to avoid a withhold of 30%.

Lawyer Patricia De Masi Taddei Vasoli helped presents understand what a trust is, and what it isn’t, and the differences between various subjects like a settlor, a trustee, a beneficiary or a protector.

Fabrizio Barra of Paramount Capital presented the taxation systems in countries like Estonia, voted the most competitive tax system in OECD. Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland were among the other countries evaluated by Barra during the presentation.

Best Vision Group, the Swiss hub in the financial business network, represented by Fabrizio Rizzi, showed its solution in support of the patrimonial management. ASKIT BaaP was pictured as a jigsaw puzzle, including portfolio monitoring, security access, real time register updates, home banking and much more. Taxes were also the focus of the presentation by YourCFO consulting, who explained how the taxation on OICR works and talked about IVAFE, a charge on financial products.

Titanus Insurance Planning stressed its Swiss identity but also its multimarket opportunities. The company provides a qualified and independent advisory in the insurance field, at the same time being independent from any financial activity.


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    The aim of this forum is to offer an additional incentive for pension fund representatives to visit

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