Diamonds as investment, attention to prices

by DSC Investment

400The correct price of a diamond for investment is the result of specific elements:

. The value, which is determined following the 4Cs, carat weight, color, clarity and cut.

. The real and updated Rapaport price list, the only economic and financial authority on the world stage.

. The commission for the operator, no more than 10% of the updated  Rapaport price list.

. The conversion from the dollar (Rapaport price list official currency) in Euro or the currency of the reference country.

DSC INVESTMENT respects rigorously these elements and draws up its own diamond price list , published on www.investmentdsc.com, indicating the price per carat.
This price list (in the picture), updated on December 2016, contains the diamonds prices, in a range from 0.50 to 1.99 carat weight, considering a color range from D to H, clarity range from IF to VS2 and cut quality of very good / excellent.
Comparing the diamonds prices, for example published by Il Sole 24 Ore, the DSC list is the most cost-effective - up to 50% - and the most transparent, guaranteeing the highest quality at the best price, in accordance with international rules.



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