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400Global economic crisis, financial instability, fear of the future. These are the prevailing feelings among investors in Europe The most satisfactory answers, for those not looking for speculation, retain the diamonds on top.
"Investing in natural gemstones is an excellent opportunity for those who want to diversify their portfolio without taking any risks - says Maurizio Spoldi, CEO and CFO of INVESTMENT DSC, brand that will be present at Lugano Fund Forum 2016 - It is a choice that protects the capital and that is re-evaluated through time, despite inflation and devaluations ".

Q. Why is the diamond considered to be the safe haven asset par excellence?
"The investment must be seen in terms of diversifying the investment portfolio, in which the diamonds’ investment should be 5% -10%, with a medium to long investment horizon. It is a prudent investment, safe over time. “

D. Other elements of convenience for this type of investment?
Spoldi: "The purchase of diamonds does not involve the payment of taxes and does not involve operating costs. It's a bearer asset and is fiscally transparent. The diamond is a real asset and is physically handed to the investor. It is a tangible investment. “

Q. Is it possible to indicate the returns performance?
Spoldi: "Respected entities, like the Sole 24 Ore, showed that the market for investments in diamonds over the past twenty years show an average annual return of 8%. Beyond the percentages, it is a fact that the diamond has now assumed a leading role in our financial market, developing attractive annual returns over the long term. "

D. so we can say it is a prudential and not speculative investment.
Spoldi: "The investment in diamond is an alternative and complementary product for those who want to consolidate their assets, for those who choose to protect their capital. It is one of the best tools for legacies and hereditary transmissions, thanks to the tangibility of the asset and the uniqueness of gems, it also takes on a symbolic, emotional and memory value ".

Q. What kind of  guarantees, does the INVESTMENT DSC provide to the customers?
Spoldi: "DSC INVESTMENT is a brand born from the partnership between leading companies of the international diamond market, like the worldwide Amin Luxury, with offices in Florence, Valenza and New York. Amin Luxury is in partnership with Niru Group, Sightholder of The De Beers Group of Companies. Niru Group is the worldwide leader in diamond cutting, one of the most advanced companies in high technologies applied in the diamond industry. DSC, Amin Luxury and Niru Group always apply a policy of transparency and customer protection. Moreover, each diamond  signed DSC INVESTMENTS, thanks to the Amin Luxury Lab patent, carries customized laser inscription which allows having complete assurance about the uniqueness of the product, the guarantee of an irreplaceable diamond, insurance through time, a laser inscribed code that allows to easily consult the corresponding certificate of authenticity. "

Q. Is it possible to relocate an invest diamond?
Spoldi: "DSC INVESTMENT offers relocation service within 90 working days, not only in Italy, but anywhere in the world. For every diamond purchase, DSC Investment asides a percentage destined to a bank guarantee fund. A smart and simple financial operation that allows DSC to quickly relocate the diamond in the market following the official prices in Rapaport Price list.

Q. What are the costs of investment and disinvestment?
Spoldi: "All costs are calculated using the international Rapaport price list, to which DSC adds its commission of 10%; to this total the Italian State adds VAT of about 22%.

D. Other issues which are likely to attract investors? 
Spoldi: "All DSC Investment diamonds are imported from the most important world wide Diamond Bourses and respond to the dictates established by the Kimberly Process ®. All the Investment diamonds are Conflict Free and have the origin certification and comply with the fairness and legality ethical criteria established by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme ®. This is what we guarantee: quality, transparency, reliability and professionalism in all our offices, in Milan, Antwerp, Tel Aviv and New York. "

DSC INVESTMENT will be present at Lugano Fund Forum at Booth no. B32


Maurizio Spoldi
CEO & CFO DCS Investment










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