Generic diamond ad campaign moves into high gear during 2017 Oscar Ceremonies

The Diamond Promotion Service’s Real Is Rare television advertising campaign, which is the first major generic advertising effort to be launched since such activity was suspended by De Beers more than 10 years ago, got its premiere in the most appropriate setting, the ABC network’s broadcast of the 2017 Academy of Motion Picture Awards, better known as the Oscars.

The TV ad, called "Runaways" ran in an a 15-second format on ABC across the United States. It can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. It specifically targeted Millennials in the 18 to 24-year-old age group, according to DPA’S CEO, Mark Lieberherr, speaking in Tel Aviv a week before.

The Diamond Producers Association was founded in 2015 by seven of the world’s leading diamond companies with the express purpose of formulating a generic marketing strategy on behalf of the entire industry. It revealed its Real is Rare strategy in Las Vegas in 2016.

While the Real is Rare campaign focuses almost entirely on the Millennial population group, Lieberherr, initially the intention is go after its younger members, with content like that in the clip aired during the Oscars. Toward September and closer to Christmas, another video will be released targeting Millennials in the 25 to 32-year-old age group. They are more likely to be considering diamond jewelry for marriage, he said.

The DPA, which thus far has concentrated much of its activity in the United States, has a appointed an ad agency to represent it in India, with the goal of launching a campaign in September, and it will do the same in China, with the intention of launching a campaign in January. 

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