Harley-Davidson to pay $12 million fine over emissions

Harley-Davidson, the famous motorcycle manufacturer, has signed a plea agreement in the US for a total of $ 15 million to file allegations that the manufacturer of American motorcycles has violated the laws that impose a limit pollution from emissions.

According to the Justice Department and the Agency for Environmental Protection (EPA), the group has produced and sold about 340,000 illegal devices called "super tuner" that, once installed, they have allowed motorcycles emit more emissions than those certified. Also, is the thesis of the US government, Harley-Davidson has sold more than 12,000 motorcycles without a EPA certification with which it is ensured that a vehicle meets the required standards.

The company did not admit to having cheated but agreed to pay $ 12 million fine and spend 3 million in projects for clean air. "Given the importance of Harley-Davidson in the marketplace, this is a very significant step towards our goal of stopping the sale of 'defeat' illegal devices that cause damaging pollution on our streets and in our communities," said John C. Cruden, assistant to the Secretary of Justice and head of the environment division. "Anyone else produces, sells or installs this type of illegal products should pay attention to the corrective actions of Harley-Davidson and stop immediatamante of violating the law," he added.

Now the manufacturer is required to stop before August 23 sale in the US of the offending device and agrees to repurchase the specimens in dealerships in the nation, and to destroy them. For its part, Harley-Davidson explained that "this settlement is not an admission of liability, but a compromise in good faith with the EPA on areas of the law that we interpret in a different way, especially the EPA's argument that it is illegal for anyone to modify a certificate even if the vehicle is used only for racing off-road or on the racetrack. "


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