PitPat: the smartest gadgets dedicated to pets.

400Even when the economy seems to slow down, there are two fields in which people keep spending: kids and pets. Even a small portion of the latest, the wearable market, is bound to grow to 2.36 billion dollars by 2022, according to a report by Grand View Report. Here are a few of the smartest gadgets dedicated to pets.

PitPat is trying to solve one of the problems that, nowadays, pets have: obesity. Half of the dogs, according to a UK research, are overweight and most of them are often home alone. The wearable device by PitPat will send feedback about the dog’s activities during the day, so that the owner can correct them. FitBark is instead a sensor that goes on the collar to do the same job, together with an app.

The Link AKC Collar also checks out where the dog is with a GPS tracker, so that owners can find lost pets. This specific Collar even sends a message to the owner when the dog goes beyond certain set boundaries. The Motorola Scout 5000 allows owners to remotely talk to their pets

GoPro Fetch and Eyenimal Cat Videocam are instead a gadget to show owners what their animals are seeing – respectively, dedicated to dogs and cats lovers, who will be able to see with their pets eyes.

Emotions are the next step: the Inupathy collar reads the dog’s heart rate to understand what the animal is feeling. DogStar TailTalk, on the other hand, reads the language expressed by the tail wagging.


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