Remain invested, favor Eurozone - Second part

by Oddo BHF Asset Management




How long can the government ensure the balance between credit and growth ?



- The economy continues to decelerate gradually to a more sustained speed of around 5% in the medium term. It is expected to slow in Q2 17, but also to transform itself toward more consumption and services
- Beyond the growth objectives, the authorities are looking to curb financial excesses and to diversify in and outflows channels. State Owned Enterprises (SOE) restructuring remains the weak link of the current reforms
- The PBoC launched new tools to monitor more closely the shadow banking activity and financial outflows. FX reserves have stabilized and credit growth decelerates compared to its trend (according to the latest BIS calculations).
- Great diplomatic activity to reinforce the “one belt one road” policy 

Sources: ODDO BHF AM SAS, Thomson Reuters, Datastream. Data as of 31/05/2017




Emerging market fixed income

Carry on !


- Emerging market debt has recovered from the derating in the aftermath of D. Trump’s election.
- The asset class has become one of the favorite's carry trade tool among investors, with respectable flows coming in. Debt in local and hard currencies both exhibit a 6.8% performance YTD (as of end of May). Local currencies remain undervalued globally against the USD given the current macroeconomic context.
- A significant part of the performance comes from the recent rally in US Treasuries. The spread may nevertheless have further to go, particularly if the macro environment remains so stable and without volatility.
- The main systemic risk lies probably in oil : if it falls too much, sovereign funds of oil producers may have to sell (heavily) US Treasuries. Then, the Venezuelan situation is to be monitored, as its bonds weight around 5% of the EMBIG and contribute a fifth of its returns. And the opposition to M. Maduro has threatened to default on some of PDVSA’s bond issues. 

Source: ODDO BHF AM SAS, June 2017



What are the risks ahead ?



Scenarios for 2017


Any opinions presented in this document result from our market forecasts on the publication date. They are subject to change according to market conditions and ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS shall not in any case be held contractually liable for them.


Our current convictions for each asset class – central scenario






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