Summer Gadgets: What to Buy while waiting for the holidays in the Office

When summer kicks off officially, the office feels tighter and tighter. The time has perhaps arrived to think about vacation and gadgets that are either useful or fun to have.

For those who are going to chill out on a beach, but hate sticky sand or sun rays when they are too strong, the Ultimate Beach Combo Towel and Shelter could be worth the 70 dollars it costs. An extra-large towel absorbs water fast on one side and is waterproof on the other, with one pocket and velcro corners. It packs away into a small waterproof bag made from the same material. The package comes with an ultra-lightweight shelter that can stand up to strong winds.

The beach for someone also means the need to sport a beach body. Wristbands like Fitbit's Alta HR tracks steps, distance, calories, sleep and your heart rate. It also alerts for texts, calls and calendar appointments on the phone. This however has a cost: around 150 dollars.

Social networks have in the meantime become pretty much the only way to share memories. If you'd rather go back to the physical way, no matter where you are, you could spend 150 dollars for the portable Prynt Pocket printer, that instantly prints out snapshots from an iPhone.

For those who are staying at home, but nonetheless won’t to stay cool, Ambi Climate AI Air Conditioner takes control of the air conditioning unit, checking out temperature, humidity, weather, sunlight, and other parameters. It then automatically adjusts the flow of air, and is able to connect to an app. It is as easy as plugging it in and placing it near the AC unit, although not in direct air flow. The units are at the moment sold on Kickstarter, where they have gained three times more than their goal. The first can be ordered in June already, for 772 HK dollars – or around 100 US dollars. The firm promises savings around 30% on the energy bill.


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