Tech Startups – Norway: Arveng Technologies to help human-machine interaction

400Magnus Arveng, Co-founder and CEO of Arveng Technologies, explains how their glove to control drones is part of the startup revolution in Norway.

How much do you think accelerators, incubators and various programmes influence startups like yours? 

I think accelerators and incubators are great resources for young startups – help from people with experience and knowledge is key to rapid and substantial growth. We have been lucky enough to get a couple of seats at StartupLab in Oslo Science Park, and we have benefited greatly from their generosity, help and network and hope to continue to do so in the future!

What is the most valuable help you can get – contacts, money, expertise…

Short answer – all three of them!

I do think that getting a little money in the beginning, enough to get started without running out and having to worry about insufficient funds is vital, and if you combine that with some expertise to help you focusing on the right things at the right stages of your startup is important. Also, as an aspiring entrepreneur, growing your network and getting new contacts may open a lot of doors, and I recommend starting early!

Why do you think your product was missing from today’s market?

Because there is no easy, intuitive and natural way to control machines today. Control mechanisms in play today are made for the machines to understand and for humans to learn, instead of being the other way around. Our glove to control drones is just the beginning – we aim to deliver a control system for machines that is as close to second nature to human motion as we get!

How much do you think technology can keep accelerating life for everyone?

I have no doubt that technology is going to drastically change the world we live in. And I think we live in one of the most interesting time periods of humankind to be alive. But whether or not our technological advancements are exclusively for the better remains an open question.

What do you think the next big step will be in your field?

I think the next big step in our field will be when Human-Machine Interaction happens on human terms, rather than the machines. With this I mean that control mechanisms are made natural to humans, and the machines adapt to our styles of interacting with them instead of us having to learn how the machines want to be controlled. 

What do you think about Norway as a cradle for startups?

During the past couple of years, Norway has undoubtedly become a way better place to be an entrepreneur. A lot of things have happened recently, and now both Oslo and Trondheim emerges as strong in the startup scene. There is a broad variety of interesting companies popping up, and a lot of places and services to get help if you’re just starting out. Innovation Norway has made it easier to give your dream a shot, socially the entrepreneur has a better reputation today than only a few years back. 

How much do creativity and talent count in the world of startups and how much do you think is due to enterpreneurial skills?

I think creativity and talent are both important for a business, but entrepreneurial skills are vital to get on the right track and getting somewhere. Even with a brilliant idea, you will eventually fail with poor execution, whereas a bad idea perfectly executed can still get you some business.

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