Technology meets Finance. Introducing the new OpenFunds App

by OpenFunds

400At the beginning of 2017, OpenFunds implemented the App for its distribution funds, offering a very useful, functional and mobile tool to its team and its funds in distribution.
The success in using and the many positive and interesting feedbacks from various stakeholders has pushed OpenFunds to extend the App to all the funds interested in joining and in using an innovative and unique platform. For this purpose, features were expanded through an advanced push notification system, specific news sections to each fund, and much more.

OpenFunds App evolved and is now “open” for worldwide download. It allows the user to be updated in real time on the topics of his selected interests and provide to the funds an interactive channel through a powerful mobile designed and functional platform.

The OpenFunds App is a very user-friendly tool, on mobile access. You can find all the information regarding the funds such as legal documents, monthly factsheets with performance updates, publications, newsletters, events, live surveys and an overview of the fund managers’ meetings. All this ready to be downloaded, printed or shared directly with your mobile device.

Features included

  • First access with possibility to download full offline version of app content
  • Registered access for main sections
  • Push notification selection system for each fund and section
  • Live Survey System
  • Multimedia news
  • Events push notification system and booking
  • RSS News Feed from OpenFunds website


The OpenFunds App is available in the Apple and Google Stores, designed for smartphones and tablet, for iOS and Android Systems.


download the App from the App Store 




download the App from Google Play




Download the presentation

For further information, please visit the website www.open-funds.ch or contact the company at info@open-funds.ch




Semptember 2015
  • 16

    Jointly with renowned experts, SSF will debate key success factors for fruitful partnerships attract

  • 17

    Learn about the latest Cryto Currency and Blockchain investment opportunities, the features that set

  • 18

    At the upcoming conference you will get the opportunity to discuss Social Impact Bonds (SIB) and rel

  • 22

    The climate transition creates opportunities and risks, and financial institutions and corporations

  • 30

    Over 150 Fintechs CEOs from all over the world will be in both panels & interviews and on this stage

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