The Swiss workers among the most satisfied with their job

Switzerland is ranked sixth globally in terms of satisfaction of employees about their workplace. More than 78% of respondents reported to be satisfied, even a lot, while only 8% are dissatisfied; the remaining 14% does not take sides.

A position shared by the Netherlands, Spain and the United States, according to the ranking published by Randstad, a company specialized in brokerage personnel, standings led by India (84%), Mexico (83%), Austria (81%), Denmark (81 %) and Norway (81%) and sees that on the bottom of China (57%) and Japan (40%).
The employees' first seeking employment that offers them prospects, an atmosphere of pleasant work, a fair wage as well as good social benefits and job security in the long term ", noted in a statement issued today Nathalie Zihlmann, director of human resources Randstad Switzerland, a company specialized in personal banking.

They are mainly young people between 18 and 24 years old to express the greatest need to change jobs. 27% of them even think to change profession.

The survey even showed that only 4% of Swiss workers polled are afraid of losing their jobs in the next six months. This result puts Switzerland ranks high in the rankings. The fear of losing employment is particularly widespread in India (27%), China (13%) and Malaysia (12%).

The Randstad Satisfaction Index is published four times a year since 2003. In each of the 33 countries considered by the investigation, carried out via online questionnaires, they have questioned at least 400 employees between 18 and 65 years on topics that relate to the labor market.


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