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Ethereum surges at record, ready to the Flippening?

Relative to Bitcoin, Ethereum was an unknown cryptocurrency. Now, it’s reaching record highs after Russian President Vladimir Putin met with its founder. A new cryptocurrency called Ethereum reached another record high, driven by the potentials of the blockchain technology and supports from Russia, Singapore, and Japan. Ethereum is now up over 5,000 percent since the beginning of this year. On Monday, its price hit $407.10, this was a record level which marked a more than 5,001 per cent rise in price since 1 January when ethereum was trading at $7.98.

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Bitcoin Boom: Price rocketed $3,000 milestone

Bitcoin traded above $3,000 for the first time on Sunday, continuing this year's massive surge and helped by increased demand from Asia-based investors. After trading in a range for the last week, bitcoin climbed to an all-time high Sunday of $3,012.05, according to CoinDesk. The new record comes at a time when alternative digital assets are seeing robust inflows, with ethereum's ether token setting a new all-time high of more than $300 today as well.

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Bitcoin ATM presence is growing

Cryptocurrency speculators and investment gurus are having a great time predicting Bitcoin’s future as the popular digital currency’s price continues to break records on a regular basis. A well-informed prediction, a random guess or just wishful thinking, everyone is coming up with a new Bitcoin price forecast. The latest one puts the cryptocurrency’s price at $1 million in the future. Now, with a booming bitcoin economy and several years of growth behind them, physical bitcoin kiosks or “ATMs” may be emerging as the answer. There are already over a thousand around the world, and the new ATM challenger Bitlish announced last week that it wants to open as many as 5,000 more in Europe alone.

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The parabolic acceleration of Bitcoin prices

The price of Bitcoins has risen more than tenfold since it bottomed in February 2015. Such a parabolic move can be compared to the rise in Silver or Gold towards 1980 or 2011, or the NASDAQ in the run-up to its 2000 top during the bubble. And indeed, the promise of a finite non Fiat universal currency, which is easy to store and transfer are huge. Amid capital flight out of China and legalization in Japan, Bitcoins are finding increased legitimacy either as a practical store a value or as the possible next international transaction currency. We hereby attempt to monitor this parabolic rise, an exercise which is never easy.

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Where is the Bitcoin price going next?

Bitcoin prices skyrocketed last week and surged to all-time highs above $2.700, and this generated on the web a lot of articles about a possible bubble of this complex and strange asset. Like all the financial assets, also Bitcoin can be studied in Technical Analysis using charts. One of the most common errors I have noticed, is the lack of a proper representation of this asset on the graphs. In the chart below, you can see the BITCOIN/US DOLLAR FX SPOT RATE chart from 2011. It looks impressive but also misleading.

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Ethereum, the next rival for Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is not only Bitcoin: when Ether was announced in 2015, it seemed like a very ambitious project. By this time, bitcoin had already established dominance in the cryptocurrency industry, but it had been created with a different purpose that would diverge from bitcoin’s primary use as a cryptocurrency. Ethereum would build a network, much like bitcoin, which was based on blockchain, but Ethereum would allow other apps to be created on it. The idea being to allow companies to take advantage of blockchain technology and run their own stuff. In return, Ethereum users would earn ether for keeping the network running. After receiving funding, Ethereum users were rewarded with ether, whose value was about $3.

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Swiss Bitcoin Association adds EY

Ernst & Young’s (EY) Swiss arm has announced formal support and membership of the Bitcoin Association of Switzerland (BAS). An announcement posted by the BAS on Wednesday states the move is part of the global consultancy giant’s continued foray into cryptocurrency. “Being the first of the Big 4 to get into Bitcoin, the next obvious step for EY was to support our local Bitcoin community by joining the Bitcoin Association as a corporate member,” BAS stated. The association exists as a lobby group raising awareness and organizing events centered on Bitcoin and the decentralization of money.

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Fidelity CEO sees Bitcoins in the future scenario

Abigail Johnson, chair and CEO of Fidelity Investments, went public with her enthusiasm for blockchain technology, bitcoin, ethereum and what the future holds for both open-source, public blockchains and more private alternatives, during Coinbase, a bitcoin and blockchain conference held in New York City. In her talk, Johnson discussed the "future scenario" where blockchain technologies have thrived, remarking that she thinks this has a "reasonable chance" of coming to pass despite the relative newness of the technology.

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Bitcoin broke $2000 wall in the Pizza Day

As Bitcoin has continued to gain in popularity and accessibility around the globe, its price has similarly grown. The digital currency, widely seen as one of the earliest and the most important in paving the way for the new cryptocurrency industry, has reached a landmark achievement. Continued growth in price has elevated the cost of a single Bitcoin to more than $2,000 for the first time in history. 

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Norway's big bank permits bitcoin investments

The Norwegian Skandianbanken, independent of its Swedish counterpart, is rolling out a new feature which allows customers to integrate their Bitcoin wallets, checking the value of their holdings at the same time they check their bank accounts, according to local publication E24. Through an integration of the Coinbase wallet, which enables the buying and storing of cryptocurrency holdings in bitcoin, ether and litecoin, the bank’s customers now have direct access to these holdings using Skandiabanken’s online banking.

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