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Expert Commentary: outlook on G20 summit

Some experts suggest that environmental regulations, such as the US decision to quit the Paris Climate Agreement, are likely to have a zero impact on the US economy. Do you share this point of view? Why? It depends on a period of time that you are talking about. I think that in the long run it has a negative impact. I believe that the energy sector, especially alternative energy sources, hold tremendous opportunities for economic growth. If the US is not going to push in that direction, then other counties will take that growth away. Thus, I think that within the next two years there may be no effect, but, going forward, it has a negative impact on the US economy.

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Expert Commentary: Focus on UK-EU relations after Brexit

Britain aims to stay in a good relationship with the European Union and continue cooperation on security and defence issues. What is your own opinion, will Britain be able to maintain a good partnership with the EU? This is obviously the key question at the moment. We all hope that relations between Britain, the European Union and, of course, individual EU countries will remain cordial, though the negotiations are likely to be extremely difficult and complex, while there is a chance of tensions being raised and disagreements being voiced strongly at various points in time. What is important is that once negotiations are finished, we have good trading arrangements between the UK on the one side and the 27 EU countries on the other. At this point in time, it is impossible to know exactly what these trading arrangements are going to be.

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Norway, Voluntary tax is a failure

In a bold experiment in voluntary taxation, the Norwegian government launched an initiative in June that allowed those who thought their taxes to be too low to make contributions to the state. “The tax scheme was set up to allow those who want to pay more taxes to do so in a simple and straightforward way,” Finance Minister Siv Jensen said in a comment emailed to Bloomberg reporters. “If anyone thinks the tax level is too low, they now have the chance to pay more.”

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EU-Japan trade deal is the answer against Trump protectionism

Japan and the European Union agreed on a free trade pact on Thursday to create the world's biggest open economic area and signal resistance to what they see as U.S. President Donald Trump's protectionist turn. Concluded in Brussels on the eve of meetings with Trump at a summit in Hamburg, the "political agreement" between two economies accounting for a third of global GDP is heavy with symbolism. The deal will rival the size of NAFTA, the free trade accord that the US has with Canada and Mexico — currently the largest one in the world.

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Schaeuble: Last time for IMF to sit around the table over Greek bailout

The International Monetary Fund, a key creditor in Greece’s bailout, will not participate in any further rescues of the debt—wracked country, Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told a Greek newspaper today. “We have all acknowledged (eurozone and IMF) that the third Greek (bailout) payment will be the last with the participation of the IMF,” Schaeuble told Greek daily Ta Nea.

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Brexit negotiations influences Swiss treaty with EU

Talks about a new treaty governing the European Union’s relationship with Switzerland have collapsed over the same issue bedevilling Brexit — the European Court of Justice. Switzerland, which is not a member of the EU, has more than 100 bilateral agreements with Brussels overseeing ties including transport, trade and education, but the EU is demanding a single framework treaty. A new treaty could clear the way for closer ties in fields including financial services and power markets, but fear that any deal might upset Swiss voters under the country's system of direct democracy has put the project on hold.

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Brexit: May promises 3 million people could stay in UK

UK Prime Minister Theresa May promised EU citizens now living in Britain they could stay after Brexit but started a dispute with Brussels over the role of Europe's top court. At a summit in Brussels on Thursday, May gave "a clear commitment that no EU citizen currently in the UK lawfully will be asked to leave the country at the point that the UK leaves the EU", a British government source said.

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EU closed roaming costs era, except in Switzerland

Mobile phone users in Europe will soon be free to use their regular call, text and internet allowances anywhere within the EU at no extra cost under new rules which abolish data roaming charges across the union. As of Thursday June 15, all mobile network operators in Europe will be prohibited from charging additional fees for overseas use within the EU as part of continued efforts by the EU to forge a Digital Single Market across EU member states. It is free to use your phone in European countries as if you were at home. You will still pay your normal monthly or pay as you go bill, but you won't be charged extra for using your minutes, texts and data when you're on holiday.

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Scale-up: UK leads the ranking despite Brexit

Europe is home to approximately 4,200 fast growing, ICT scale-ups in 45 countries, collectively raising about $58 billion in funding. And the UK is far and away the leader, with 34% of the scale-ups - 1,412 - and capital raised 35% of the total available to scale-ups in Europe, followed by Germany, France and Sweden at a distance. This is what emerged from the latest SEP Monitor on Scale-up Europe presented by Mind the Bridge and SEP - Start-up Europe Partnership - at the Start-Up Europe Awards in Brussels.

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Soros predicts Brexit may be a dramatic divorce

Billionaire tycoon George Soros has warned the EU it is facing an 'existential crisis' and that Brexit talks could last five years. If, during the divorce negotiations, the EU manages to successfully reform itself and attract wider support from its citizens, the U.K. will want to keep its European membership, Soros told an audience in Brussels. "The divorce will be a long process taking as long as five years. Five years are a very long time in politics, especially in revolutionary times like the present," Soros noted.

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Semptember 2015
  • 24

    Monaco Growth Announces Investor Conference in Monaco for July 24th – 26th

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    Regulierung – seit der Finanzkrise prägt der Ruf nach mehr Kontrolle das Banking: Wegen regulator

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    Die Fonds-Konferenz der SKSF ist eine wichtige, branchenspezifische Plattform für Wissens- und Erfa

  • 02

    2 evenings to find out about the latest from the digital industry & 2 days to find ideas and to crea

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    ICDA will return this year to its alpine home for the 38th Bürgenstock Meeting.

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