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Leaked documents show the worst Brexit scenarios

A confidential report prepared for the British government and leaked on Monday suggests all UK industries will be hurt by leaving the European Union, Buzzfeed News reported. The paper, EU Exit Analysis — Cross Whitehall Briefing, is dated January 2018, and looks at three of the most plausible Brexit scenarios based on existing EU arrangements.

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Euronext Brussels – the Growing Market to Watch in BioTech and CleanTech

Brussels, Belgium – Euronext Brussels awarded the best performing listed companies and its’ members during the New Year’s reception. The Small, Medium and Large cap winners are: Deceuninck (DECB),  argenx (ARGX), Umicore (UMI).  The past year 2017 was a rather special year for the Exchange as it was able to reach the historical record in number of transactions.

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Switzerland: Improving EU economy curbs immigration

Fewer people migrated to Switzerland last year than at any point in the past ten years and the number of arrivals from the European Union plunged last year, the Swiss media reported Monday. The number of European Union workers arriving in Switzerland halved last year from a peak in 2013 and net immigration from EU states stood at 30,799 in 2017, Swissinfo said, quoting the NZZ am Sonntag newspaper.

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Russian businessmen choose to buy Malta's passport

Last week the government published the full list of people who were granted Maltese citizenship during 2016, including those who had purchased their citizenship through the Individual Investor Programme (IIP). Under the IIP, high-net worth individuals can obtain Maltese, and therefore EU citizenship, against a fee of €650,000, as well as €150,000 in government bonds and a €350,000 investment in property. A physical presence is not required for applicants to prove residency.

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Europe Basic Resources Supersector: the story continues

I am closing this year with a piece dedicated to a promiseful but sneaky Supersector about which I have already discussed in two previous articles (see note 1). Let’s start with the promiseful side: in mid May, I wrote about the STOXX Supersector Europe 600 Basic Resources Index, and the possibility for this Index to continue an intermediate uptrend after the end of a retracement period that started in late February (1).

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Keys to Nordic Nasdaq Success:100 SME Driven IPOs a Year

As investors are getting used to the Nordic miracle, Picking Alpha is interested in the components of it’s’ success and results which the democratization of the listing process have delivered to the investment community.  Adam Kostyal, Senior Vice President, Global Listing Services (EMEA) at Nasdaq has stressed that listings are open for a company that is well prepared, has a good governance structure, and fulfills the Nasdaq Nordic listings requirements.

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No cash, no shopping: Europeans love money in hand

Digital currencies may be getting all the buzz these days, but notes and coins still reign supreme in most of Europe. Cash made up around 79 percent of everyday payments across the euro area last year, according to a European Central Bank study. Almost a quarter of consumers also kept some cash at home as a precaution, and 20 percent said they had a high-denomination note – 200 euros ($237) or 500 euros – in their possession in the year before the survey was conducted.

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You didn’t think European political risk was over, did you?

Markets have largely shrugged off events in Catalonia. They are probably correct to do so. After all, Catalonia is unlikely to become independent, at least for the foreseeable future. There does not appear to be a majority in the region in favour of independence (although that could change). Constitutionally, Spain is a unitary, indivisible state, so there is currently no legal route to independence. And international opposition to independence, at the margin, makes it more difficult.

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Brexit negotiations fly in a cloudy sky

Britain and the EU on Thursday, September 28, hailed the progress of "constructive" Brexit divorce negotiations following a major speech by Prime Minister Theresa May, but Brussels warned that trade talks may still be months away. Speaking after the 4th round of talks in Brussels, European Union negotiator Michel Barnier and his British counterpart David Davis agreed that May's speech in Florence had created a "new dynamic" for the discussions.

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Let's set up, EU national consumer bodies ask VW over Dieselgate

The EU consumer authorities and the European Commission on September 7 sent a joint letter to the CEO of Volkswagen urging the group to swiftly repair all cars affected by the “dieselgate” scandal, the Commission said, adding this is part of a coordinated action by EU consumer authorities to make sure that the Volkswagen group respects consumer law in the aftermath of the scandal and is proactive towards the consumers concerned.

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