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Make Money From Alternative Assets

Physical investments is the safest option right now

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REPORTS: Open Funds, Press Release Dec 2016

Luxx London Investment -Luxx - and OpenFunds Investment Services - OpenFunds -, announced today that they have completed a final closing for The London Heritage Fund (the ‘Fund’) with total investor commitments of 33.45m GBP.

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World's largest trading floor on sale

The UBS trading floor in Stamford, Connecticut, US, once the world’s largest, had more than 5,000 traders slamming phones and kicking trash cans and now it is up for sale, according to a person with knowledge of the offering, as Bloomberg reported. UBS, which had owned the building, is responsible for its maintenance until its lease expires at the end of next year, the person said. Fast forward to today and the near-vacant building, larger than a football field (approximately 720,000-square-foot), has been put on the sale block, since the Swiss bank hasn’t been able to restock its trader ranks after the 2008 financial crisis, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Ascent autumn 2016 is now out! (by Degroof Petercam)

Nowadays, most investors acknowledge that listed real estate has deserved its status as a separate asset class or at least that it has a right of existence in a diversified portfolio. Index providers as well, recognize the specific nature of this asset class. Only recently, the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) introduced real estate as a separate sector based on its growing importance in the world’s equity market and its role as a foundational building block of a modern portfolio, rather than an alternative.  

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Portugal chose anti-austerity line to raise pensions

Portugal will introduce a tax on real estate fortunes above € 600,000 ($661,000) in 2017 to help pay for pensions, the government has said. The measure was introduced by Prime Minister Antonio Costa's in draft budget for 2017. He explained the property tax income would be used to sustain Portugal’s social payments – everything from pensions to the health service to family benefits.

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REPORTS: Press Review - Open Funds

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UBS says Real Estate Bubble is growing in the world

Real estate markets are once again heating up in the world: in some cities prices are overrated, says UBS, according to 2016-edition "Global Real Estate Bubble Index". In Geneva and Zurich, the two swiss select cities, tension remains but at a lesser extent. As published today by UBS, a few years later by the great wave of corrections in the real estate sector worldwide, overestimates have widened in most cities.

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Real Estate: an outlook for investors, after Brexit

When something extraordinary happens, such as Brexit, it is necessary to observe and analyse its potential financial and economic impact. While the first steps must still be taken in the negotiations for the UK’s exit from the EU, together with Keller Zable we have taken a look at the possible scenarios in the real estate market, with particular attention to Great Britain, the rest of Europe and possible developments.

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When crisis brings opportunities in the real estate sector

In this "crisi period", high-yield real estate investments represent a tangible alternative, the safe harbour some investors are looking for… How to get access to them? As these assets are “off-market”, visibility is limited and reserved to qualified international advisors…. 

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