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Startup Curve raised $10 mln for his "Back to the Future" credit card

U.K.-based fintech startup Curve has raised $10 million in a Series A funding round. The funding comes from a wide range of global banks, venture capitalists and industry veterans, including Santander InnoVentures, Investec and Henry Ritchotte, former COO of Deutsche Bank. "In the last 12 months, we've established a loyal base of customers who love the way Curve complements and improves their existing financial lives," said Shachar Bialick, founder and CEO.

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Expert Commentary: Focus on UK-EU relations after Brexit

Britain aims to stay in a good relationship with the European Union and continue cooperation on security and defence issues. What is your own opinion, will Britain be able to maintain a good partnership with the EU? This is obviously the key question at the moment. We all hope that relations between Britain, the European Union and, of course, individual EU countries will remain cordial, though the negotiations are likely to be extremely difficult and complex, while there is a chance of tensions being raised and disagreements being voiced strongly at various points in time. What is important is that once negotiations are finished, we have good trading arrangements between the UK on the one side and the 27 EU countries on the other. At this point in time, it is impossible to know exactly what these trading arrangements are going to be.

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Brexit: EU to reject second-class citizenship for europeans workers

Chief negotiator Guy Verhofstadt and leaders of four of the parliament's main groups wrote in a joint letter to newspapers that Britain's plans for the three million EU citizens expecting to remain in the U.K. post-Brexit "fall short" of what they are entitled to and what U.K. nationals are being offered in the EU. EU Parliamentarian Guy Verhofstadt has called proposals put forward by the UK government a "damp squib" which would leave millions of Europeans with "second-class citizenship".

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A green light on sustainable property

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘sustainability’ or ‘being green’? Does it conjure images of long-haired hippy-types wearing brown sandals and hugging trees? Saving polar bears? Or recycling Coke cans and yoghurt pots? Environmental issues are often misunderstood and seen as someone else’s problem. Worse, they are even ignored and considered to be irrelevant to modern business.

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Brexit: May promises 3 million people could stay in UK

UK Prime Minister Theresa May promised EU citizens now living in Britain they could stay after Brexit but started a dispute with Brussels over the role of Europe's top court. At a summit in Brussels on Thursday, May gave "a clear commitment that no EU citizen currently in the UK lawfully will be asked to leave the country at the point that the UK leaves the EU", a British government source said.

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UK PM Theresa May to propose in Brussels what to do

Mrs May will head to Brussels for her first European summit since losing her Commons majority in the general election. It comes the day after measures to enable Brexit dominated the Queen's Speech and with the Conservatives still trying to secure the Commons support needed to pass their programme.

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Expert Commentary: outlook on Brexit and Pound

From the growth point of view, Brexit can affect the economy in two ways. In the near term, uncertainty from Brexit and rising inflation from the reduction in Sterling trade since the vote could cause a modest demand-side shock. But that effect has been much smaller than expected. In fact, the economy has outperformed the non-Brexit scenarios. Of course, we do not know how the economy would have performed had the UK not voted to leave. That seems to be an absence of the short-term demand-side shock. I am confident that the UK can continue to enjoy a broad-base expansion over the next couple of years. I see probably 2% real GDP growth this year followed by 1.7% next year.

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BOE's Carney warns it's early to raise rates

Now is not the time to raise interest rates, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said on Tuesday, warning that already weak wage growth risked a further loss of momentum as Britain prepares to leave the European Union.  In a speech to London's banking community a day after Brexit talks started, Carney dashed any prospect that he might be close to joining the three BoE policymakers who last week unexpectedly voted to raise rates from their record low of 0.25 per cent. 

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Residential property: an incoming asset class

Institutional investors in the UK and other developed markets are finally beginning to wake up to a truth that their counterparts in US, Germany and the Netherlands have long known: residential property is an attractive source of income that complements commercial property beautifully. The bedrock of the appeal of residential is the shortfall of homes across most of Europe. Even if populations stay stable, there is already huge under-supply as a result of low development and this is exaggerated by the total number of homes required is growing, because the number of households is increasing: people are more likely to live alone and less likely have large families. In Germany, for example, the population has increased by only 12% since 1961, but the number of households has risen by 110%. Housing supply is notoriously unresponsive to changes in demand – certainly much less so than commercial property. Because of planning restrictions, particularly in countries in Europe with a strong tradition of preserving green open spaces, residential does not work like a free market. This supply constraint buoys rental incomes and, indeed, values.

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UNICEF report revealed children live in poverty also in rich countries

One in five children in rich countries lives in relative poverty, according to a UNICEF report published on Thursday that put the US and New Zealand among the world's worst performers for youth well-being. The UN children's agency UNICEF has warned that its report should serve as a "wake-up call" to the high rate of children in rich countries living in relative poverty. The report makes clear that "higher incomes do not automatically lead to improved outcomes for all children," said Sarah Cook, director of the UNICEF research center Innocenti. Cook called on all governments to take action in eliminating inequality in child welfare.

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Semptember 2015
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    Monaco Growth Announces Investor Conference in Monaco for July 24th – 26th

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    Regulierung – seit der Finanzkrise prägt der Ruf nach mehr Kontrolle das Banking: Wegen regulator

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    Die Fonds-Konferenz der SKSF ist eine wichtige, branchenspezifische Plattform für Wissens- und Erfa

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    2 evenings to find out about the latest from the digital industry & 2 days to find ideas and to crea

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    ICDA will return this year to its alpine home for the 38th Bürgenstock Meeting.

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